"How To Start A Catfish Production Business From Home Or Anywhere, Producing Over 1,500 Fishes From A Pond Made From Cheap And Easily Available Materials"

Find Here The Complete Resource For All Aspect Of Catfish Farming, Large Or Small Scale And Its Related Businesses You Can Be Extremely Rich From This!

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Are you looking for a kind of business to do that will give you more time for your family and as well enjoy the leisure such lucrative enterprise brings, then look no further as I recomend catfish farming business for you. Catfish Production is one stressless farming business you can do from anywhere even from your room.
This money making agricultural produce can be done with the smallest resource at your disposal.

Yes thats the truth. You can actually make a choice whether to do this business on a large scale or just a small thing by the corner of the home. It is a business that considers everyone, no matter your status in the society. It is convenience and enjoyable. The good thing about this bsuienss is that the market is always underserved and available for intending enterprenuer to take advantage of.

How This Business Can Generate You Extra Income

The fish Industry in Nigeria is a mega bomb and is worth over N40 billion in monetary values. It is on record that fish alone contributes over 30% of the protein intake in the cities and over 60% in coastal communities and villages in the country. As a result of this, the domestic fish production potential is now in the millions in terms of tonnage begging for those who have desire for this industry to take advantage of the opportunity to establish wealth for themselves.

Fish as a great source of affordable protein and a food necessary for nourishing an increasing population of people most of who are underfed. Fish is an essential commodity with business and economic value for anybody. Even though there has been a rapid development in freshwater fish farming in the country in recent times, this has not still met up with the consumption requirement in a growing population like ours. It is even more exicting to know that local catfish production has a preference market since it is safe in terms of the source of the fish which is devoid of pollutant and containmination that characterise fishes from the seas, coastal and inland waters. That is why you got to get in there and be part of the wealth.

Why This Business Could Be A Huge Cash Earner For You

Apart from the boom in the local catfish market, the export market remains untapped. Although catfish is already being exported, the amount of locally produced catfish going outside the country this is like a drop of water in an ocean, compared to the high demand. The market is still open and so much abounding. And because of the increased demand for dried catfish from Nigerians and foreigners abroad there is now an increase need for participant in the processing and packaging aspect of the business.

The profitability in this business is amazing and cut across every sphere of life that is anybody can get involved full time or part time, in your home, backyard, an empty plot, beside your house, on a large scale, as a retirement business or a business for a fresh starter. It is a lucrative business anytime. You can decide to go all the way and set up a business on this, employing staff using low stress modern technology fish farming systems even without your personal supervision.

Start Your Own Catfish Farm...
and Realise Your Dream Of Having A Catfish Production Outfit Turning Out Good Profit Monthly!

The profit from this business can be amazing. The exiting thing about it is that you can take any aspect of catfish production chain and specialise on it and still find a demanding market. All you need is now available and accessible.

You can run a catfish farming business as a corporate outfit. That means there will be consistent returns from your company every month with staff attending to all the activities while you just sit as chairman or owners in meetings and enjoy the profit churned out daily while others run the show or do the dirty job. Obviuosly, money keep flowing out seemlessly into your bank account.
This is making cash while you relax.
All the secret to achieving this is revealed here:

Here is the Complete Practical, but Simple Hand-On Guide That Will Take You Through All The Steps Enjoy It!

You can start from the scratch even when you know nothing about catfish previuosly. All the hidden secrets are revealed here. There are critical factors of the business which will be exposed to you as you stay on.

The good thing about catfish farming is your ability to take advantage of all the alternative business that goes with it that means generating revenue from the catfish subsidiaries or attached business thereby mainmtaining a steady flow of cash to the business.

Now there are detailed knowledge you must have when it comes to catfish farming. Do you want to cut down on your loses and increase your profit level in this business? then find out what you must do right. And by that I mean all the right things you must do and all the wrong things you must not do.

Don't worry, you will be armed with all the secrets as we unvail all you need to know in this down to earth resource material for catfish farming business. Apart from the step by step you will be led through, here are some of the things you will learn inside this material:

All You Need To Know About Catfish Farming Production, Preservation, Marketing and Export is easily available in the catfish resource material
The breeding of catfish for business purpose is highly technical and requires knowledge in pond construction. The feeding process and the species or type of catfish needed can be critical this is why you need this book
The book will look at catfish resources and where to get every material you will need to start out and run a successful production
This book stand to reveal to you practically the marketing strategy to be put in place, annual production plan, supply chain in terms of feedstock or fingerlings production and availability, the equipment, storage facility and inventories for record purposes
The book will look at catfish farm setup and location, the topography of the area to be used, weather conditions, nature of the soil, water source availability and quality, the infrastructures and structural requirements
This book will give insight into how to obtained loans for catfish farming business and management of your catfish production business profitably with output that gather financial support from banks

The good thing about this is that, you don't actually need so much money to get into this practical business. For those who do not have the asset or facility like land, house or space to do the job, you don't have to worry; the information in this material will blow your mind on how to bypass all the hard nuts

bulletYou don't have to wait until you retire or until you are sacked before you start, you can start this fish production business as leisure business by the side while keeping your regular job you will find out that it is easy to just continue from there when you want to retire. And instead of looking for another job, you can become own boss

bulletJust as Catfish business is very wide so is the numerous money-making opportunities unending. Looking at it from production or farming of the catfish to processing of harvested produce and the final onward selling or marketing to the general public, the money making opportunities are endless and this book is hands-on all of them

bulletDry and smoked fish production and export, how to set up and manage a mini hatchery, fish feed production system, construction of fish pond and where to get other type of ponds, where to get all the materials, tools equipment and accessaries for catfish business will be revealed in this book

Catfish production is a cash business; you can make money from fingerling breeding, the actual rearing of the fish itself and then from the growing-out of the end produce where you make it available to the consuming market. All these has been thoroughly dealt with in the practical manual on catfish production
The above processes does not just end there, you will need to feed the fish or fingerlings, hence the opportunity to go into fish feed production is also exposed in this material

Apart from this, we all know that fishes will always need an aquatic habitant for them to strive properly hence you have the business of constructing ponds and making money doing so which this book practical worked

Apart from all the above stated brief catfish production guide, there are things you must put in the production process in order to have a good sail in the business which this fish production material will reveal...

How to start catfish business from the scratch and grow it into a large conglomerate of businesses. This book is must have in your library as a fish farmer, entrepreneur, catfish production outfit owner or intending owner, either as fish dictionary, handbook, work book or practical guide.
markIt exposes the numerous catfish businesses to do now, from fingerlings, juvenile and grow-out production and techniques to exportation of smoked catfish, to Construction of Catfish hatchery and management, re-circulatory system, feeds and feed formulation systems.
markYou will discover how to carry out incubation, fertilisation, hatchery and production of fries, water management system for fish survival, fish disease prevention and stress management techniques.
markYou will also be exposed to the easiest way and where to obtain Loans to enhance your catfish business and increase your production capacity using other people money.

This book spacifically took time treat the deadlest part of catfish farming indeptly. Why do people lose their fish and invested capital and how to prevent this or increase your capacity to make more profit rather than loose your entire stock. I am revealing all the secrets in this ebook. With this book you have all the confidnet it takes to start rearing catfish successfully for export and start earning dollars or sell in locally as we expose all the money making market around.

How to Start Your Fish Farming Business with Little Capital and on a Small Scale

You also have access to source of all accesseries and stock including how to access finance for the business. Whether you got land or not, you can do this business at your convenience. I must warn you though, once you start producing catfish and you are discovered by the end users.

You may likely have to expand your pond, because the demand which most farmers hardly meet up with once they start. Now is the time to start

Be ready to go all the way to start as this business is loaded just for you!

Are you having problems with your catfish farm or you have abandoned it due to excess lose, then this is the book to consult as it has all it takes to revive your fish farm for you

You Can Choose The Area You Want To Focus On In Case You Don't Want To Go All The Way?

This down to earth practical resource material holds you by the hand and takes you through the entire process. It gives a choice on the areas to focus on or the level of capital to deploy depending on your pocket, small scale, medium scale or large scale..

There is huge amount of revenue being generated from animal farming in the country right now and fish farming seems to be the easiest animal farming venture to do in the city. Catfish business has an unending money making opportunity right now starting from the production or farming of the catfish itself to processing of harvested produce and the final onward delivery or marketing of the product to the general public, the money making opportunities are endless. And not only that, but the potential for profit in this business both for local and internatioanl market is resounding.
This is the time to get into this business and start making money!

A Complete Resource Material for Fish Farming Business Every Entreprenuer Must Have

Grab This Practical Resources Material That Comes In E-Book Format Or Hard Copy Manual And Get An Expose On This Opportunity With All The Contacts, Consultancy And Practical Aspect You Need To Excel In This Business And Start Generating That Extra Income You Have Always Wanted. This is an Opportunity to become your own boss or start your own Business

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